A confession

In the description, I have stated that ‘the entire works of Robert Burns has been set to brand new music’. That’s actually not true. An attempt was made to set Tam O’ Shanter to music but it was eventually abandoned in favour of good taste and common sense. To do such a thing would be akin to altering Michelangelo’s David with an angle grinder.

Tam O’ Shanter should be performed like this.

John Cairney

There is also no new music for The Merry Muses of Caledonia and it’s actually quite strange because it should have just been “another day at the office” but it turned out not to be. I made a start on the song that is all about the measurement of 9 inches but the creative process very quickly began to founder and after two attempts to come up with a melody it was abandoned. My theory is that I had been given all that was intended to be given and that was my lot so no Merry Muses.

Hopefully someone else will do the music to The Merry Muses because it is, after all, still Burns and in need of an airing and an upgrade.

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